Monday, March 3, 2008

We're Back! Well, At Least One of Us

Well first off I would like to apologize to everyone checking in on Monday hoping the read the latest and greatest sports talk and debate. Shea accepted that he was afraid of me and decided not to post. From now on, let's just call him "Sally".

While I will not be posting a whole lot this evening due to just arriving back in town, I will at least give all of you something, which is a heck of a lot more than Sally did. Regular full-length posts should resume for the remained of the week.

Just to briefly get into what I will discuss in much greater detail on Thursday, the Vikings have certainly decided to make a splash in free agency this year. As is well documented, I am far from the biggest advocate of spending large amounts of money on average players. There is a reason draft picks are so highly respected in the NFL. Obviously most teams feel as though even a late round pick is worth more than paying top dollar for players who have shown promise but ultimately been disappointing (see Marcus Stroud and Jonathan Vilma trades).

Let me quickly make a comment or two on the additions the Vikings have made thus far:

Madieu Williams: See my previous post on this guy. If you have been following this site, you know how I feel about this guy. I can accept that the Vikes maybe wanted a veteran to be a stopgap while developing a younger safety that they draft, but 6 years, really?! I don't get it.

Bernard Berrian: Again, a 6 year deal worth $42 million for a guy that doesn't even have a 1000 yard season? Again, I just don't get it. Yes, WR is a high priority but you are going into a draft that is ridiculously deep at WR. In addition, there are/were plenty of good receivers in FA at least as talented as Berrian that most likely will not bring in the same money (Javon Walker, Jerry Porter). Berrian will help, no doubt, but at $42 million and six years, I have a hard time believing he's worth it.

Thomas Tapeh: OK, I am fine with this signing, but why dump Richardson? The guy's is a pro bowl FB and when you rely on the run as much as the Vikes do, you better have one of the best guys up from clearing the hole for your poster boy. Good luck filling those shoes, Tapeh.

OK, like I said, this is going to be short. I will hopefully have much more detail on these players in my Thursday post so stay tuned. Until then, enjoy Sally's post tomorrow, that is, if he decides he doesn't want to be a Sally anymore.

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This is what Kim, John, Toni, and from Justin to Kelly say to "Sally" is better.